Making Time Summer Project

Over the summer, I am presenting my one-to-one 6 minute performance Making Time around various Preston locations.  With support from the University of Central Lancashire, I am shifting and adjusting the piece to engage with different communities.  The piece was made to sit outside of traditional theatre spaces – in bars, cafes, theatre foyers and other spaces, although it has been performed mostly to theatre audiences as it has been programmed as part of theatre/performance festivals.  Some of the locations in Preston will engage directly with non-theatre audiences and inhabit non-theatrical spaces.

Bruccianis Cafe on Fishergate in Preston was my first experience of taking Making Time out to the general public.  The cafe is a beautiful 1930’s Italian coffee shop with period features with many original features, as listed on – It was an irregularly hot day for Preston, making the people pile out of the cafes onto tables lining the streets as if we were in Milan or Florence….well, maybe…

I adjusted the project to begin and encourage conversations around the theme of time, to-do lists and aspirations for the future. (For full details about Making Time see my website  Many were open to listen and identified with the project – completing a postcard for me to archive and send back to them.  At The Museum of Lancashire, the cafe area was more spacious and with fewer covers and a slower turn around of customers, making it easier to connect with the people and explain my project more fully.  Tomorrow, I will be at the Mystery Tea House to meet a new group of people.  I hope the sun will still be encouraging the people out into Preston!


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