Preston performs

Last Friday night, Korova Arts Cafe hosted Making Time as part of a night called Korova-Klectic, which is on the 1st Friday of every month and includes a mix of stand-up, poetry, music, theatre, magic & sketch comedy!  This was a really nice opportunity to emerse myself within the artistic community of Preston, and Korova are doing a great job at supporting the work and providing a great space and lovely atmosphere.  It was really nice to perform Making Time as part of a night of other work again, as the last few showings have been stand-alone projects.  Meeting the other performers and talking about our work is always a thing I enjoy about nights like these.  Many of the performers on the bill were preparing for Edinburgh Fringe, so it’s also nice to start compiling my list of who to see when I’m there!

I had a really moving experience with one of the participants for Making Time during this night, as she felt I was really connecting with the things that have been on her mind recently – I have had a few people who have responded similarly, as if I am reading their mind, and the piece takes on a clairvoyant feel.  As part of the one-to-one, I recite a list of things I would like to find the time to do, and these of course are very universal: Who doesn’t want to go to New York? Who doesn’t have a phonecall they’ve been putting off?  The piece encourages the participant to make time for the things they want/need to do – they write this on a postcard as a promise to themselves and I archive it and send it back to them in either 1 or 10 years.  Hopefully the participants from Korova on Friday will make happen whatever it is they want to do!

Performers on the night included Kiri Pritchard McLean, whose ‘Salmon Satchel’ game I am still playing, Dotty Winters, Brennan Reece, Lou Conran and Geins Family Guft Shop – the next Korova Klectic night is on Friday 1st August, the next stop for Making Time is Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston on 17th & 19th July.


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