Making Time at Harris Museum, Preston


Making Time was in the cafe at Harris Museum in Preston today – such a beautiful building, filled with so much interesting art and history.  I was positioned next to Foucault’s pendulum, which demonstrates the rotations of the earth and therefore the passing of time, which fits well alongside my one-to-one.

The main thing that interests me during these current Preston Making Time dates is being able to meet people and discuss our ideas about the things we want to achieve – especially when we find commonalities.

One of the key themes of the piece is identifying the things we cannot or won’t do – for me, this is about not being able to swim.  I had lessons as a child every week for 4 years and made no progress.  Today, one of the participants was a lecturer from the PGCert programme – who engages daily with learning/the ability to learn/the learning environment.  My mother, who also cannot swim, told me once that it is not she who failed at swimming but her tutor failed to teach her.  After the piece, many people tell me I should try to learn again how to swim.  I do feel that I am more capable of learning as an adult rather than a child, with more determination and focus – but I now lack the fearlessness of a child – the ability to just jump in.  I also think that I cannot learn/cannot be taught – perhaps I need to change that thinking in order to be open to the possibilities of being able to swim.  I wonder what else I could accomplish once I understand what kind of learner I am and how I learn best…

Making Time returns to Harris Museum Preston on Saturday 19th July 12-3pm 


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