Track Your Delivery!

Making Time Track Your Delivery service, to see how far away your postcard is from reaching you, is now updated on my website:

Track Your Delivery

When participants talk to me about the project they often ask how many postcards I have and whether people choose 1 or 10 years most often.  I have 136 in total from the different festivals, theatres and cafes plus I have some extra ones I did with students.  The split between 1 or 10 years is pretty much even, with the 10 year batch having just a handful more.  

The first lot of postcards are due to go out in 3 months – the first time I performed Making Time was for a festival in Leicester called HATCH: A Better Tomorrow which was October 2013.  When I send back the postcards, I will include a message asking the recipient to get in touch to let me know whether they have done the thing they intended to make time for.  But I’m also interested in those postcards which end up on the door mat where the recipient no longer lives – where someone else will find it and not know what it means.  I hope those people will also get in touch.  My intention is to collect all these stories and combine them with the experience of meeting the participants throughout Making Time to make a studio piece.   

For now, Making Time is having a rest whilst I go to Edinburgh Fringe but it will be out again throughout the Autumn and Spring of 2015 – but then I think I really will have to stop before I have too many postcards to manage!    


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