FE365 – Places We Travelled

I wrote this piece for Forced Entertainment in response to a call out to write about our experiences of the company, as this is their 30th year together. The rule is each response can only be 365 words long.

I did my undergraduate degree at Lancaster University and Forced Entertainment regularly brought their work to the Nuffield Theatre there – the performances were different and challenging and memorable.  Their practice definitely influenced my company and I remember setting out on our journey after graduating to make performances fondly:

Sharing a house together,

rehearsing at strange times and in strange locations,

cramming the set into the car,

dealing with the problem of our car being towed away from outside a venue.

Now 10 years later, reflecting on the past and making work which looks to the future made writing FE365 feel important to me. Of course Forced Entertainment are still making work, and thankfully, so are we.