Preparing for Lancashire Encounter

This weekend, Lancashire Encounter is coming to Preston, bringing with it a range of performance, music, dance, theatre & art.  The event coincides with The Birley‘s 1st birthday and we thought this would be a great opportunity to launch The Dance Collector!

During the weekend, The Dance Collector will be out on the market as well as enticing people into The Birley gallery, to share dance moves & stories about dance.  There will also be a free open performance 6-7pm on Friday & 4-5pm on Saturday, incorporating the moves picked up.

This is the beginning of working in a new, exciting space.  I have to consider what to leave in the gallery when I’m not in it performing.  I’m trying to think up creative ways the public can leave their dance dedications for me.  And I’m think to think up creative ways to document my work in the space so that people can find out more about my project.  What does The Dance Collector leave behind?  How can you show a collection of dance moves?

Working in this durational way is a new concept for me, being used to presenting a piece of performance with a clear beginning and end.  Finding ways for the public to engage in my work over a longer time scale is the direction this project is moving towards.


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